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Confidential Agreement



协议编号(Ref No.)

服务合同编号(Ref. No. of Service Contract)



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Whereas Party B provides translation service for Party A, and with regards to confidentiality of Party A’s technical know-how and other commercially related secrets during and after the service period, both parties have concluded and committed to observe the following terms and conditions.


I. Definitions


Company secrets (i.e., any matters related to the rights and interests of the Company, which are only known to limited number of persons within a certain period, including but not limited to patents, copyrights, technical know-how and commercial secrets)

2.甲方已经或即将交付给乙方、向乙方披露或乙方知悉的相关信息和资料(包括但不限于上 面印有保密“confidential”字样或其它同义的文字)

Any relevant information and materials that Party A has delivered, disclosed or known or is ready to deliver, disclose or make known to Party B (including but not limited to those stamped with “保密”, “confidential” or other words or characters bearing the equivalent meanings).


Any works or achievements that have been completed by Party B during the service period, or that are related to Party A’s businesses or that have been completed mainly with the information provided by Party A, and/or other commercial secrets.


Forms: including but not limited to information that is paper based, orally made, modeled or stored in any other hardware, such as CDs, computers, portable hard drives, etc.



II. Party  B  has  fully  understood  and  agreed  that  the  above  mentioned  secrets, information and materials as well as service achievements are bearing all or part of the following significance:


Party B has the responsibility and obligation to keep the concerned information secret to any third party.


The concerned information is of intellectual property values or of commercial interests.



III. Party B shall not be held confidential responsibility for:


Documents or materials that had previously been made public


That Party A has agreed to disclose; or


That has to be disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations or the court decisions.



IV. Party B’s Confidential Responsibilities


Party B has agreed to undertake appropriate measures necessary for protecting the confidentiality of Party A’s materials or information.

2.乙方必须遵守甲方规定的任何成文或不成文的保密规章、制度、履行与其服务相应的保密职责。甲方的保密规章、制度没有规定或者规定不明确之处,乙方亦应本着谨慎、诚实的态 度、采取任何必要、合理的措施,维护其于服务期间知悉或者持有的任何属于甲方或者属于第三方但甲方承诺有保密义务的技术秘密或其他商业秘密信息,以保持其机密性。

Party B shall abide by any written or unwritten confidential regulations and systems provided  for  by  Party  A,  and  shall  fully  implement  its  confidential  responsibilities associated  with  the  service  provided.  In  case  that  there  exists  any  unregulation  or indefiniteness in the confidential regulations and systems provided for by Party A, Party B shall, with a cautious and faithful attitude, undertake any appropriate measures necessary for  confidential  protection  of  any  technical  know-how  or  other  commercial  secrets belonging to Party A that it has acquired or held during the service period, or that does not belong  to  Party  A  while  Party  A  has  the  commitment  to  take  the  confidential responsibilities.



V. Reserve of Ownership

1.凡甲方交付给乙方的资料,其所有权仍属于甲方,甲方可以随时以书面形式通知乙方交还 或销毁该资料,以及其所有的拷贝本。

Party A reserves the right of ownership for any materials sent to Party B, and reserves the right to make a request in writing, requiring Party B to return or destroy such materials and all the copies.


In case that the documents or materials contain any works or technical achievements that may apply for patents, copyrights and/or other intellectual properties, Party B shall not take such works or technical achievements as its own, and apply or provide to any third party to apply for patents, copyrights and/or other intellectual properties.


The  relevant  intellectual  properties  of  any  service  achievements  that  have  been completed by Party B belong to Party A. Without Party A’s clear authorization, Party B shall not conduct any production or operation by use of such achievements, or transfer such achievements to any third party.



VI. Return of Materials


Upon termination of the service contract, Party B is obliged to return all the materials previously delivered to him by Party A and all copies back to Party A as per Party A’s request. For those that could not be physically returned, including but not limited to software program installed in hard devices, Party A shall eliminate from such devices immediately.



VII. Period of Confidentiality

乙方同意自服务结束之后对在为甲方提供服务期间接触、知悉属于甲方或者虽属于第三方但 甲方承诺保密义务的技术秘密和其他商业秘密信息,承担如同服务期间一样的保密义务和不 擅自使用有关秘密信息的义务,直至甲方宣布解密或该信息实际上已经公开。

After the ending of translation service, Party B has agreed to take the same confidential responsibility as regulated within the service period for any technical know-how or other commercial secrets belonging to Party A that it has acquired or held during the service period, or that does not belong to Party A while Party A has the commitment to take the confidential responsibilities, and committed that he will not use any secret information without Party A’s authorization or approval, until Party A declares the disclosure of such information or such information has been actually disclosed to the public.



VIII. Responsibility for Breach of Agreement

乙方同意如违反本合约任何条款的,甲方有权单方面解除与乙方的服务合同,并保留依法追 究乙方违约责任的权利。

Party B has agreed that if he has violated any term or condition under this Agreement, Party A will reserve the right to terminate the service contract signed with Party B, and reserve the right to claim Party B’s responsibility for breach of this Agreement.



IX. For any dispute aroused under this Agreement, any party may propose for legal proceedings if a resolution fails to be reached under negotiation.



X.    Both parties have confirmed that prior to signing this Agreement, they have carefully reviewed this Agreement and have fully understood the legal meaning of each term and condition under this Agreement.



XI. This Agreement is made in duplicates, and functions as the enclosure to the service contract. This Agreement is to be signed concurrently with the associated service contract. This Agreement will enter into effect upon signed or sealed by both parties. Each party will hold one copy of this Agreement.

单位合同章(Contract Seal)                                 单位合同章(Contract Seal)




甲方经办人签章                                                      乙方经办人签章

Party A’s Representative                                          Party B’s Representative

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